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  • Norm Cogdale

Right now, I bet you’re wondering ‘where to from here…’

Covid-19 is forcing business owners and managers to think hard… you want to achieve increased efficiency and security while hunting down cost savings. Right? Our ‘new normal’ during lockdown saw thousands of people working remotely. I’m sure there were more than a few owners and managers having disturbed nights, wondering if their basic business processes – and data – were being handled safely and securely.

BESA can help – we focus on helping businesses achieve state of the art efficiency through smart, cost effective digitisation and automation applications and solutions. From AP and AR through to ordering, customer and sales onboarding, we know how to find the ‘choke points’ that cost businesses precious time and money.

BESA works with businesses across a range of different sectors including Export, Retail, Accommodation, Primary Production, Horticulture, Professional Services and Manufacturing in NZ, Australia and South East Asia.

For more information about BESA, see Or, to set up a confidential chat, simply email Norm Cogdale at


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