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BESA’s IDE Application

One of BESA’s key efficiency solutions is an innovative document capture platform called the BESA IDE app.

Powered by Xtracta™, this app can process virtually any type of document, including invoices, from any source including network scanning devices such as copiers, faxes, digital senders, MFP, emails. 

The BESA IDE app is intelligent! 
It can validate data, embed client-specific approval workflows and business rules, and ‘learn’ your documents as it processes them.


The BESA IDE app is currently being used to handle many, many different processes by our clients, including:

  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable​​

  • Purchase orders

  • Sales orders

  • Customer onboarding

  • Human resources functions

  • Employee onboarding

  • Health & safety compliance

  • Timesheet automation

  • And a variety of other manual processes our clients have identified.

Digitised files are automatically stored in the Cloud or integrated with each client’s advanced workflows and DM systems.

Key Benefits

Powerful and scalable – from small businesses right through to enterprise level organisations

Low implementation costs – no on-site installation is required

Extremely flexible and easily integrated with other systems

Accurate and intelligent –
powered by machine learning and AI functionality

Quick deployment – in days, not weeks or months

Arguably the most cost effective solution available.

The BESA IDE app is offered as a cloud-based ‘software as a service’

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