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Process Automation

It’s well-known that manual,
paper-based and clunky multi-step processes chew up precious business time and resources. Yet businesses of all sizes and in all sectors still find themselves caught up in an invisible war against waste.

When multiple teams, branches and enterprises are involved, it’s very common for staff to make their own ‘enhancements’ along the way.

Unfortunately, cost saving, economies of scale, compliance and ensuring financial security become very difficult to achieve. Business managers often know the opportunities to be more efficient are there, but change gets relegated to the ‘too hard’ basket.  

Business Meeting

It can take a crisis like Covid-19 to bring the need to act into sharp focus – this is where BESA can definitely help.

We’ll assess your processes and identify where the ‘choke points’ are. Then, we’ll locate the specific ways we believe you can increase productivity, reduce costs, standardise and streamline how things get done.

Our process automation solutions include using the BESA IDE application – read more here to see how this could help your business.

Automated Accounts
Payable Solutions

Accounts payable functions are a common hiding place for inefficiencies. These are also the functions that need the most care and control to prevent fraud and non-compliant practices.  And with the right data extraction enabled, greater visibility of real cashflow will be achieved.

BESA’s solutions focus on eliminating manual and
multi-step processes.  We help clients make the move from
paper-based purchase orders and

invoices to automated digital document generation.

Automated accounts payable solutions incorporate business rules, regulatory compliance requirements and formal approval processes into workflows.  We assist Finance teams to make the change internally and utilise each client’s existing finance and accounting software.

Our experience has proven the move can be made simply and

quickly, making it an attractive
and affordable choice for our clients. Accuracy will improve,
more timely approvals will be achieved and the usual ‘choke

points’ that hold up payments, orders and reporting become a thing of the past.

Automation enables audit trails to be far more visible for effective finance oversight. Formal audit processes are also able to streamlined following automation.

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