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Document Digitisation
& Automation

Clever use of technology can save a business thousands of dollars by leveraging investments made in existing software.

BESA can show you how document automation and digitisation solutions can streamline processes and workflows and boost efficiencies across your business.

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Digitisation & Automation Solutions

Let’s start with digitising documents. Orders and invoices can now be easily created in real-time, in the field, by staff using an app on their mobile phone or tablet. Your accounting software may already have this functionality but it may not be fully utilised with workflows to boost your overall business efficiency.

BESA’s solutions focus on digitising the generation of complex and repetitive documents such as customer orders, then automating data entry as much as possible.  

Order information can then be entered into just a few fields by staff and saved to the business's document management system using remote web access.

The order can automatically generate a call on stock system via and automated purchase order. The customer's invoice can them be automatically triggered once stock has been picked and packed.

Each customer’s order, purchase order and customer invoice can be routed to the appropriate workflow queue to trigger ‘action requests’.  The workflow queue/s and action requests would reflect the business’s own rules.

For Example:

  • Does the customer order and invoice involve discounting that
    needs an approval?​​

  • Is an automated inventory check needed first to ensure stock is on hand before processing a purchase order?

  • Is there a need to clarify part of the customer’s order due to an automated check against past order patterns?

  • Is that customer showing as ‘30+ days overdue’, requiring an automated Accounts Receivables request for payment being sent to the customer and putting the order on hold for x days or does it require approval to proceed from a senior manager?

These sorts of scenarios happen every day in most businesses and it's not hard to imagine how much time and money could be saved by adopting the right document automation and management solutions.

The same applies for other types of historically paper-based documents such as credit notes, purchase orders, proposals, contracts, timesheets, leave applications – these can all now be easily digitised to meet a business’s needs, with

associated automated workflows wrapped around them.

Digitisation of documents and automation of processes
underpin the biggest opportunities to gain efficiency and save time
and money.

Efficient Document Management
Platforms are Important

Generating, filing and searching for documents and data is a fact of life. Even small businesses generate a lot of documents and data and much of it doesn't get used. Why? Because it's hard to file, hard to find and hard to easily integrate into useful information.

Really important business data can also get buried which can result in missed insights and timely decisions within a business. ‘Missing’ or hard to find data can  

also create audit, governance and regulatory compliance problems, leading to time, money and reputational losses.   

With more staff working remotely, it’s even more critical that businesses are able to retain overall management of documents and data. Filing, securely storing, integrating and retrieving are all necessities to aid efficiency, governance and security.

A reliable and scalable document management (DM) platform is key to handling your documents and data properly, while also enabling processes to be streamlined and workflows to be automated.

Think of the DM platform as the data hub for your business. Regardless of where the data is coming from, this is where it will 'live'.

  • Storing and organising documents and data from numerous different systems and applications

  • Embedding version control, setting permissions for access and sharing, and tracking access to documents

  • Storing and updating prior document versions and user data to assist collaboration

  • Encompassing workflows containing business rules and other internal requirements

  • Triggering action requests, task reminders, confirm completed tasks

  • Flagging and escalating overdue actions

  • Rendering documents in an editable format that become final in a non-editable file type, such as PDF

  • Supporting secure verification of approvals including e-signatures

  • Incorporating key audit and compliance requirements and enabling easy reporting of results

  • Ensuring effective data backup and data protection, including cloud storage

  • Enabling far easier access to key data for the business

  • Utilising advanced authentication tools such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) or  integration with a device management system for advanced security

  • Configurable and scalable to suit your business’s unique needs.

An efficient DM platform can ensure more efficient business performance, including:

The latest technology supporting good quality DM platforms incorporates AI and machine learning. 

Gone are the days of a system being implemented and being out of date immediately! The software and specialist solutions BESA works with and recommends have the ability to keep up and adapt.


BESA’s solutions & SharePoint™

In the interests of cost efficiency for our clients, BESA recommends looking first at solutions that utilise the functionality in existing software and systems.

Virtually all businesses use Microsoft Office 365 these days as their core business system. Each Office 365 licence includes access to SharePoint, arguably the

most powerful document and process automation platform available.

SharePoint™ is extremely flexible and can be configured and scaled to suit each business's unique needs. It can be hosted in the Cloud or 'In Premise' to suit businesses of all sizes. You can read more about SharePoint™ here.

BESA would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate
how this cost effective solution could save your business both
time and money, and how it can support optimum efficiency for your business. 

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