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About Us

After many years building
a successful business consulting career specialising in electronic document and business process automation and management, Norm Cogdale started BESA
back in 2005.

where delays cost time and money. Then, he identifies the solutions that will reduce costs
and waste, while giving decision
makers greater control and improved profitability. 

Norm is passionate about working with clients to understand their unique business challenges. He starts by helping clients uncover

hidden choke points and areas

  • Manual and/or multi-step processes​

  • Anything paper-based (eg. purchase orders, invoices, timesheets,
    health & safety, leave applications etc)​

  • Manual data entry​

  • Duplicate steps to achieve the result you need​

  • Branches or offices using different and often bespoke systems
    and processes​

  • Difficulty complying with internal business rules and
    external regulations​

  • Multiple software/systems holding data that can’t be easily
    extracted and integrated​

  • Lack of visibility and access to the data needed to drive business decisions in real-time

You can see how BESA has helped a selection of clients achieve better business efficienc below.

Here are just some of the typical ‘prime suspects’ that hold a lot of businesses back:

Our approach makes use of the technology investments clients have already made.  We help eliminate process, system and data silos and support the creation of a unified, integrated platform.

Property Sector

Property Services & Management

Retail Sector

Independent Home Electrical Retailer 

Horticulture Sector


Industrial Sector 

Specialist Hardware Supplier

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