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Business efficiency
solutions and applications that deliver

BESA's business efficiency solutions and applications enable clients to find new ways to cut costs and maximise profit. We utilise web and cloud-based solutions tailored to each client's unique business requirements.

To ensure business survival and future growth in this Covid-19 world, business decision makers are having to urgently re-examine their processes and operations.

Finding new ways to maximise resources, eradicate costly, wasteful steps and enable real-time access to business data in order to maximise profit will be key.

BESA can help.

We identify resource-heavy
multi-step and manual processes, look for opportunities to automate document and data generation/ capture, and extract data from existing applications to integrate
on platforms to boost accessibility and usefulness.

Every BESA solution is tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.


Our Goal

Our Promise

to our Clients

Our experience and expertise with web and cloud-based solutions enable business processes across multiple work-streams, divisions, branches, enterprises and countries to be streamlined and standardised, while also reducing costs.
Read about some of our client case studies here.

We exist to provide technology-based solutions tailored to each of our client’s businesses to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve profitability.  

BESA strives to deliver an excellent return on investment to our clients, quickly and efficiently. We also provide 24/7 ongoing support for our clients. Read about our background and approach here.

To find out more, email us at or use the Contact form and we'll be in touch directly.

Our Partners & Affiliations

We partner with world-leading software suppliers such as Repstor™, Xtracta™ and Ibis Business Intelligence Solutions™.

BESA’s solutions include enabling data integration with existing software such as NetSuite™, Dynamics™ and Xero™ and initiating
data integration with other platforms including  Microsoft

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